We often feel that deadlines cramp our style.  At other times we are bothered when we miss them. Sometimes we don’t really care about them.

Deadlines are all around us.  Deadlines related to employment, school, auditions, rent payment, mortgage payment, car payment, etc. Deadlines to get to work on time and deadlines at work.  Pressure, pressure, pressure -created by multiple looming deadlines.

Look at it from a different perspective, deadlines help us to complete one thing and make room for another. Meeting them moves our progress along.  Goals have deadlines and goals move us closer to our dreams.

The boundaries that deadlines create produce an insulation protecting the specific goal or project we are working on, incubating it, dedicating its own space, making sure that goal or project, and only that, is our focus and gets done.

This is why we agonize over missed deadlines.  We are actually mourning the missed opportunities, what could have been. Opportunities that are now delayed, postponed, robbed of their right to exist.   New opportunities may be missed because there is simply not room to undertake a new project or add a new event to the calendar.

Instead of dreading deadlines, welcome and embrace them.  Build incremental deadlines or steps into your day to move projects forward to meet the overall deadline.

See how much freer, lighter, and more productive you become. When we embrace deadlines -we make them our friends.